Proving Cost-effective, Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Solutions

Sunrise Native Plants has more than 200 species of woodland, prairie and shoreline plants. Native plants are well-suited for landscaping projects such as rain gardens or shoreline restorations because they are low maintenance—rarely needing watering, mulching, frost protection or mowing. Because native plants are adapted to Minnesota’s climate and soil, no insecticides or other chemical additives are required to help them grow.

Bringing Balance to Nature by Supporting Natural Habitats

Including native plants in landscaping is cost-effective, time-saving and ensures that native habitats thrive. Plants, insects and wildlife are each pieces in a healthy ecosystem. Limited pesticide use and native plantings encourage beneficial insect populations. Songbirds feed on these insects. Property owners enjoy the beauty that songbirds bring to nature. Plant choices impact native habitats necessary for diverse and complete ecosystems.

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