Abnormal growth on woody plants? Could be Witches’ Broom

Deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs including, but not limited to, pine, fir, oak, willow, spruce lilac, dogwood, and honeysuckle are prone to Witches’ Broom–balls of stunted shoots that look like a bundle of twigs. Witches’ Broom has a variety of causes including infection by fungi, mites, genetic mutations, or harmful environmental conditions.

Witches’ Broom can be managed by pruning out infected branches. This could be an ongoing process if the shoots grow back.

To learn more about Witches’ Broom check out:

  • Katharine Widin article in the September/October issue of  Northern Gardener
  • http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/gardens-gardening/your-garden/help-for-the-home-gardener/advice-tips-resources/pests-and-problems/diseases/witches-broom.aspx
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